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  • Nepal Insurance Advice

Nepal Insurance Advice

Nepal insurance advice for treks and peaks expeditions. You need insurance that includes “trekking and climbing” to 6000m/7000m and helicopter evacuation. Additionally, there is always the possibility of helicopter rescue from every part of Nepali mountain. For climbing, get the correct policy, even if we are only climbing peaks for a day or two. Similarly, look up your government’s travel advice for Nepal trekking/ tour.  A dependable Travel Insurance can lessen your troubles as. Somehow when you get in a troublesome situation. when some medical condition get that travel insurance can help you pay up those hefty bills.

There is a lot of Insurance companies they are providing you travel Insurance service. According to your budget and time but over choosing it. Be sure that your insurance company will provide all emergency process. Furthermore, you need to strictly be aware of the fact that the policy of insurance company covers. The process of giving you the service of Helicopter rescue from the mountains in case of Altitude Sickness or in an emergency.

However, Your trip with the cover of at least worth of US$100,000 and the higher altitude more than 3000m. Beside that there are a wide variety of policies available, so figure out the small print carefully. Additionally, some of policies exclude ‘dangerous activities’. It may include riding a motorbike and trekking (and definitely bungee jumping and rafting). In addition, a travel-insurance policy does cover theft, loss, and medical problems is an excellent idea for travel in Asia.

Note: Travel insurance is compulsory for booking trekking and mountaineering activities from Explore Manaslu Team.

Furthermore, here is some best insurance company that usually benefit from Nepal plan. Please go through the given below links:

Insurance company for Nepal trek

For Canadians

For Americans

Together with, For Australians and New Zealanders


For British


For Europe and Slovenia

For Germany and Switzerland

For Netherland

For Asian and South-Africa

In addition, Above suggested insurance companies are just for a recommendation for your kind knowledge. These are recommended by our previous clients and years experiences. Moreover, you could do review their update insurance policy by contacting them directly.

Moreover, if you buy the insurance with them, you are responsible for checking the policy and coverage by yourself. Again, we do not take any responsibility on any of their policies and the coverage during your Nepal visit.

As well as, we would like to inform that Explore Manaslu team is not responsible for any contact information. Furthermore, alternations regarding the mentioned agencies/companies. We wish you safe Nepal travel.