Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)


Are there ATMs in Kathmandu ? Are Debit/Credit Cards accepted ?

Yes, there are many ATMs in and around Kathmandu. Most restaurants and hotels will accept credit/debit cards as well However, it’s recommended to carry along enough cash with you in case of emergency.

Can i get visa on arrival in Nepal ?

Yes, most country citizens are granted visa on Arrival at Kathmandu international airport. You need to fill the application form online or at the airport and bring along with the amount of cash in USD or equivalent Nepali currency.

15 Days – 25 USD – Multiple entry

30 Days – 40 USD – Multiple entry

90 Days – 100 USD – Multiple entry

You will also need 2 passport photo(35mm x 45mm) if you are filling the form at the airport but if you don’t have it then there is a service to get photo taken at the airport. (cost 200NPR)

For more details, check the following link

What is the best time to visit Nepal for a trek/tour/expedition ?

March-May and mid Sept-mid November are the most popular seasons with good weather but also a little bit crowded whereas November-Feb are colder but get less crowds. So it really depends what is your priority. June-August is monsoon and usually not recommend for trekking and hence see relatively less crowds.

Which hotel will I stay in Kathmandu ?

We all book your accommodation in a decent 3/4* hotel in Kathmandu. We do understand that you are here to have a good time so we usually don’t compromise with the quality of the accommodation. The hotel will be in Thamel which is one of the main hubs with all the nice cafes and trekking shops around. It is also a good place to buy souvenirs after the trip. The hotel booking will also include complimentary breakfast.


How do I confirm the trip and make the payment ?

To confirm the trip, you can either make the full payment online via the booking form on the trip page or do a 25% initial deposit to our bank account and pay the rest on your arrival. Please note that there is an extra 4% surcharge on using credit cards for payment. Please note that the 25% initial deposit is non refundable in case the trip is canceled by you. In case you make the full payment and decide to cancel the trip, we will refund 75% of the total trip amount.

How much does it cost to do a private tour?

Please contact us to get the latest information on your desired trip.

How much tips should I usually pay ?

Please note that giving tips is not mandatory and totally based on your satisfaction with the trip. However, giving tips is a very common practice and definitely supports the livelihood of our guides and porters. The standard tips should be 10-15% of your trip cost and should be divided between your guide, assistant guide and porters in the following ratio 50:30:20.

Should I print a receipt to show the tour guide?

We understand that you may not have a printer handy when you’re traveling so it is not necessary to have a printed copy. However, we require that you show ID matching your reservation.

What kind of payment options do you accept ?

We accept Bank transfers, Cash, PayPal as well as payment via credit/debit cards. Please note that there is a 4% surcharge in case you decide to do a card payment.


Can I take showers during the trek ?

Hot showers (sometimes Gas showers) are usually available at an extra cost in some lodges depending on the trek. If you book with us, you can take hot showers twice during the trek and we will take care of the cost provided the facility is available at the particular place.

How do I charge my phone during the trip ?

Some but very few lodges initially during the trek will have power sockets in the room, however, this is not the case as soon you get to higher altitudes. You can, however, pay to charge your phone or power bank at many lodges on the way. If you book with us, you can charge your power bank twice and we will take care of the cost provided the facility is available at that particular place.

How many kilos can the Porters carry ?

Your porters can carry up to a maximum of 30 kilos. Since there is 1 porter for every 2 people , the maximum weight you can keep in your duffel bag is 15 kilos.

I want single rooms during the trek ? How do I arrange that ?

Just let us know in advance before the trip. We will try to reserve rooms in advance however it might not always be possible to arrange it, in any case we will keep you updated. There is usually an extra amount that needs to be paid as well for arranging single rooms. Our representatives will let you know about the exact price depending on the trip.

Is it possible to arrange transfers to and from the airport to the hotel ?

Absolutely, if you book with us we will provide free transfers to and from the airport to the hotel. We will usually ask you for your flight details a few days before the trip to arrange it.

What about internet during the trek/expedition ?

It really depends on the trip. It is recommended to buy a SIM card that will provide decent quality cellular internet until a certain location. After that, if available during the trip, you can buy a WiFi card which will provide WiFi service of up to 10 Gb for 2000 NPR and is valid for a month. But not all treks have this service available. If you book with us, we will provide you with a 10 Gb WiFi card free of charge if the service is available during the trip. Some lodges even have their private WiFi and you can pay as per use for that service. Some cafes on the way offer free WiFi if you decide to eat there so that is another option. Occasionally, at some high passes in high altitudes, you might get your phone signal back for some time as well.

What climbing equipment will be provided to me by Real Sherpa adventures ?

We will provide you with a sleeping bag and a down jacket that you have to return after your trip. We will also provide you with a real sherpa adventure duffel bag that you can put your stuff in and will be carried by the porters and is is designed to handle rugged conditions during the trek. This duffel bag stays with you after the trip. As a souvenir , we will also provide you with a real sherpa adventures branded T-shirt.

What kind of toilet do I expect during the trip ?

The toilets can we western or Asian Depending on the place or lodge. We usually try to book lodges which have western toilets however in some treks and places this might not be possible.

Who can I contact to ask questions before the trip ?

When you confirm the booking, we add you to one of our private groups on WhatsApp or telegram. You can post your query there and one of our representatives will reply as soon as possible . We prefer this method over emails as it’s faster and we do understand that our clients may have any questions. It is also a good way to plan things ahead with your fellow trekking partners. However, if you don’t prefer IM apps due to privacy and prefer emails instead , you can send an email to contact at realsherpaadventures dot com and we will reply as soon as possible.


Do I have to make a reservation or can I just show up?

Yes. Reservations are required for guaranteed spots on all tours. Reservations help us determine the number of guides we need to ensure that our groups remain manageable and enjoyable, and they allow us to notify you of changes to the tour due to weather or anything that could disturb the tours.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

We ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit in order to confirm your booking. This deposit is used to make all the initial reservations prior to your arrival. If that booking is canceled, we do not refund the deposit. If the trip is canceled due to bad weather, we might give you an alternate option for a trip, or you can choose to take the trip later. Under certain circumstances, we might issue a partial refund, but that is on a case to case basis.

What’s included/excluded in the price ?

Please check out the includes/excludes section for your trip on the trip page or contact us directly.


Can you help arrange our international flights to Nepal as well ?

Yes, as part of our customized itinerary plan we can arrange your flights from Nepal as well. We usually prefer this option in case or corporate trips.

Do I need travel insurance ?

Absolutely ,travel insurance is a must. Make sure the insurance is covered up to 100,000$. In case of emergency, helicopter evacuation may be required and many insurance don’t cover adventure activities so your evacuation We recommend world nomads as a good Travel insurance company.

I am confused on which trek I want to do ?

Check our guide on the top 10 treks in Nepal. Or feel free to contact form with your expectations and one of Real Sherpa adventures representatives will get in touch.

What happens if one of the members in the group gets sick or injured during the trek ?

It depends on many conditions, what is their current altitude ? how severe is the situation ? What kind of sickness is it?

In some severe cases, immediate evacuation is the best approach. Our guide always carry satellite phones to make sure contact can be made back to our base in Kathmandu to plan an evacuation.

However, in some cases where the condition is not so severe, proper medication or descending to lower altitudes should be enough. Our guides usually carry a first aid kit and some basic medicines for common issues occurring during these treks. we also have assistant guides in case someone wants to turn back and descend to make sure such situations don’t affect the entire group.

What is high altitude sickness ? What medicines should I carry to avoid it ?

We have written a detailed guide on altitude sickness and how to avoid it. For more details, read our blog here . Please note that taking medicines is a personal choice and may or not help.


Will be go climbing/trekking even if there is bad weather ?

We do hike in the rain, snow, wind and any other weather conditions that nature decides to throw at us. After all, we’re going on adventures! However, if the weather is unsafe for any reason, the trek might be canceled or delayed. Your guide will take this decision. We do have one contingency day for most trips just in case to cater for bad weather.