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Yes, there are many ATMs in and around Kathmandu. Most restaurants and hotels will accept credit/debit cards as well However, it’s recommended to carry along enough cash with you in case of emergency.

Yes, most country citizens are granted visa on Arrival at Kathmandu international airport. You need to fill the application form online or at the airport and bring along with the amount of cash in USD or equivalent Nepali currency. 15 Days – 25 USD – Multiple entry 30 Days – 40 USD – Multiple entry 90 Days – 100 USD – Multiple entry You will also need 2 passport photo(35mm x 45mm) if you are filling the form at the airport but if you don’t have it then there is a service to get photo taken at the airport. (cost 200NPR) For more details, check the following link http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np/page/visa-on-arrival

March-May and mid Sept-mid November are the most popular seasons with good weather but also a little bit crowded whereas November-Feb are colder but get less crowds. So it really depends what is your priority. June-August is monsoon and usually not recommend for trekking and hence see relatively less crowds.

We all book your accommodation in a decent 3/4* hotel in Kathmandu. We do understand that you are here to have a good time so we usually don’t compromise with the quality of the accommodation. The hotel will be in Thamel which is one of the main hubs with all the nice cafes and trekking shops around. It is also a good place to buy souvenirs after the trip. The hotel booking will also include complimentary breakfast.

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