Manaslu Region

Hightlight Strong Point

A wonderful trip through ethnic villages, offering their history and heritage.
Purity land of diversified culture and ravishing bio-diversity
A magnificent trek around the very aesthetic summit of Manaslu
The uncrowded Ganesh Himal And tsum Valley

Manaslu Region Trips & Itineraries

Manaslu is the eighth highest peak on the planet and one of the most spectacular. The Manaslu region offers a combination of cultural diversity and fantastic mountain scenery. This preserved and wild region was prohibited until recently (1992). It is one of the lesser known Himalayan regions offering time travel. The high mountain is inhabited by Lamas, fervent Buddhists, and lower down, there are mostly Gurungs. The Tsum valley, opened to trekkers very recently, has kept all its culture and authenticity intact. It is characterized by its monasteries and gompas nestled on the side of the wall or in the pine forests. This authentic Tibetan valley will amaze you with the variety of its landscapes, its fauna and its floral richness.An exclusive trek to discover the secret region of Tsum. Lost monasteries, high wild roads, isolated villages for a unique immersion in the immensity of the mountains of Nepal

Manaslu Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu Expedition

Activities : High Expedition

Duration : 44 Days

Grading : Hard/Technical

New Tsum Valley Trek
Tsum Valley Trek

Activities : Trekking

From : 1500 $ per person

Duration : 15 days

Grading : Easy

hidden valley Manaslu circuit trek
Manaslu circuit trek

Activities : Trekking/ high pass

Duration : 18days

Grading : Moderated

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