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Dolpo is a region in northwestern Nepal, located in the high Himalayan range. Its population is of Tibetan origin, and the border between Dolpo and Tibet crossed its current territory until the 18th century.century. It is the last region in the world where an authentic Tibetan culture remains which can develop freely. The Dolpo is a “bé-yül” in Tibetan, which means the hidden country. Its high valleys are indeed, even today, very difficult to access, and several days of walking are necessary to get there, whether you come from Nepal or Tibet. Its inhabitants, the Dolpo-pa, are farmers and breeders, and also experience ancestral exchanges with neighboring Tibet: they fetch salt from high-altitude lakes there, and in return provide grain from their own crops. . Protected by high mountains and deep forests, the Dolpo has always been the center of an important trade between the Tibetan plateaus and the tropical valleys of Nepal. To survive in this almost mineral universe, the inhabitants have, since the dawn of time, exchanged Tibetan salt and cereals from the country thanks to the use of their caravans of yaks.Your trek in the heart of Dolpo follows one of these barter routes. An itinerary in contact with the Dolpopa (inhabitants of Dolpo), their customs, their architecture, their yaks.

upper Dolpo Upper Dolpo Trek
Upper Dolpo Trek

Activities : Trekking/ high pass

Duration : 29 days

Grading : Moderated

New Dhaulagiri Expedition
Dhaulagiri Expedition

Activities : Expedition

Duration : 49 Days

Grading : Technical

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