Mustang Region

Hightlight Strong Point

Tibetan villages and Buddhist monasteries
The Mustang, a Himalayan myth
An uncrowded region with geology that defies the imagination
The cave city of Yara and the monastery of Luri Gompa

In the upper mustang trek, the traveler who arrives is often surpris by the aridity of the valleys. That is making more think of certain desert regions. We can see very beautiful monasteries where Buddhist worship is practic with fervor. The landscapes encounter are absolutely fascinating. The arid zones are sometimes colored by the different geological layers. mostly, the populations are all of Tibetan origin. who live mainly from agriculture and animal husbandry. however, over time they have kept the culture and religion of their ancestors. when trekking in May or June month. we recommend one day stay in Lo Manthang to attend the great festival.Tibetan” enclave in Nepalese territory, a veritable peninsula plunging into the Land of Snows, the Mustang has long been inaccessible to foreigners. This ancient kingdom was visited only by rare Tibetologists and explorers. One of the wildest dreams of lovers of the Himalayas is today accessible to a limited number of foreign travelers. 80 km behind Annapurna, the Tibetan plateau falls dramatically: red cliffs, troglodyte cities, fairy chimneys, canyons and ravines eroded in a thousand shapes, stuffed snow leopards and demon traps. Lo Manthang, the capital, surrounded by ramparts that stand proudly in the middle of the high altitude desert, is the culmination of an exceptional journey.

New Dhaulagiri Expedition
Dhaulagiri Expedition

Activities : Expedition

Duration : 49 Days

Grading : Technical

New Upper Mustang Trek
Upper Mustang Trek

Activities : Trekking

Duration : 16 days

Grading : Easy

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